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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica

Nietzsche was the one who said that "when your gaze long into an abyss... the abyss also gazes into you." Although the philosopher and shrink were referring to something else, it makes one wonder how dark and deep the abyss really is. Science has the answer.

Understanding the concept of color is necessary in order to understand dark. It's the reflection of light within a specific spectrum. Black is a body that absorbs all colours, but that doesn't have a quantitative measurement.replica tag heuer watches Albedo is the measure of how much light is reflected off a body. A scale from 0 to 1 indicates that the body absorbs all of the light and 1 means that it reflects all of the light.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replicadial is absolutely pitch black and stands out against the other black components of its watch.

Astronomy is concerned with the abosorption of light. This is especially important for telescopes. Vantablack, which has the lowest albedo, is a material that scientists spent a lot of energy and time searching for. It is made up of carbon nanotubes, which are approximately 10,000 times smaller than a hair strand. Vertically aligned, they absorb 99.65% light making it one the darkest materials ever.

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It has been used in watchmaking before, by H. Moser and other brands such as MING Watches. The pitch darkness it provides is quite mesmerizing. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replicacan be used in many industrial applications,Omega Replica Watches but it is a stealth-style, highly effective, and provocative timepiece.

The dial of the Venturer Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean ReplicaBlack Hands contrasts with its polished casing.